Millennial Maidens: Seulgi Leader-nim (Girl Group Series)

Clothing Credits.
Hair: Monso by Morphine Janick
Head/Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Jacket: SEUL by Vo Pralou
Denim Jacket: COCO by Cocoro Lemon
Shirt: Gato by Lalu Bonetto (NEW)(The Season Story Autumn)
Suspenders: Milk Motion by Marie Lauridsen

Background: RAMA by faullon

Blogger Note: I've been inspired by Korean Groups lately and because of that, I decided to make a series based on a Korean Girl Group I thought up. A lot of them are based on the girl group TWICE because I adore them and while creating this series, they dropped their new Mini Album ! (MUST be fate. LOL) Other members are drawn from a few other girl groups and a couple of them are actually inspired by guy group members like Candy Rapper (based on RapMon BTS) and Jaclyn (based on Jackson Got7 who actually made an appearance on my blog last year. HERE). I hope you guys enjoy what I have in store and thank you for all your love and support ! Hugs and Kisses -Ashlie !


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