Friday, May 26, 2017

Like The Wind

Clothing Credits
Hair: Amitomo by Woomi Latte RARE(NEW)(Kustom9 May 2017)
Head: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - Alura (NEW)(Store Release)
Skin Applier: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - Ashley (NEW)(Store Release)
Lipstick: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - Aya
Headband: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Shiny Shabby)
Earrings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Whimsical)
Necklace: Mowie by Bubuzinha Luv (NEW)(NEW)(Cosmopolitan May/June 2017)
Button down: Le Primitif by Yani Tryce
Off the Shoulder Top: Tetra by NataPorolo (NEW)(Uber May/June 2017)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Clothing Credits
Hair: Monso by Morphine Janick
Head: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - Alura (NEW)(Store Release)
Applier: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - Zandra (NEW)(Store Release)
Lip Applier: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio - from Mimi applier
Earrings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 May 2017)
Jumpsuit: Tetra by NataPorolo (NEW)(Collabor88 May 2017)
Bag: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 May 2017)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

In Year Seven.

I can't believe it's been seven years I've been doing this. Thank you for all your support through the years. Whether you are a new or old observer I couldn't be happier that you've decided to click my Blog. :D  
Hair: Lelutka by Thora Charron H-NV-0002
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron Chloe
Skin Applier: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum Jojo
Headdress: Lelutka by Thora Charron H-NV-0002 Flowers
Earrings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 May 2017)
Necklace: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 May 2017)
Dress: Tetra by NataPorolo
Bag: Salvadori by goucci
Background: Background: RAMA by faullon

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tropical Pink

Clothing Credits.
Look One
Hair: Monso by Morphine Janick
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron (Chloe)
Skin Applier: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum
Necklace: M.Birdie by monlmanl
Outfit: Offbeat by bonnietriendle RARE (NEW)(LIMIT8)
Under shorts: ISON by Harry Hyx
Socks: M.Birdie by monlmanl

Look Two
Hair: SINTIKLIA by otyebis
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron (Chloe)
Lipstick Applier: Studio Exposure by Ashamti
Skin Applier: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum
Earrings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 April 2017)
Dress: Offbeat by bonnietriendle (NEW)(LIMIT8)
Shoes: Mowie by Bubuzinha Luv (LIMIT8)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bubblegum Blonde

Clothing Credits
Hair: Due by dubled
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron (Chloe)
Skin Applier: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum
Sunglasses: Thalia Heckroth by Thalia Heckroth (NEW)
Top: ISON by Harry Hyx (NEW)(Uber April/May)
Pants: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander
Bag: Mowie by Bubuzinha Luv (NEW)(LIMIT8)
Background: RAMA by faullon

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One O'Clock.

Clothing Credits
Hair: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron (Chloe)
Earrings: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander
Choker: L O W E N by Gwen Aloix (NEW)(LIMIT8)
Necklace: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Shiny Shabby)
Rings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia
Jackets: Seul by Vo Pralou
Romper: Teefy by Azure Electricteeth (NEW)(Uber April/May)
Stocking: GATO Gato by Lalu Bonetto
Boots: Overhigh by Overhigh

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pose Bitch.

Clothing Credits
Hair: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Head: Lelutka by Thora Charron (Chloe)
Skin Applier: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum
Lipstick Applier: Studio Exposure by Ashamti
Earrings: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 April 2017)
Necklace: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)(Collabor88 April 2017)
Top: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander (NEW)(Store Release)
Skirt: Murray by oliviamurray (NEW)(Black Fair)
Shoes: Salvadori by goucci
Pose: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba (NEW)(Pose Fair 2017)