Greetings and Mishaps From Space.

I had so much fun with this round of Collabor88 ! The clothes, the items and the props, were all so amazing. I've been wanting to do a space post for awhile, so this came at just the right time. It kind of stinks that there aren't many good space sims that you can drop items. Because of that, I decided to make my own. I wasn't expecting it to come out this good (in my opinion). And adding the Ohmai.x.MishMish's space piggy gave it the right feel I was going for; nothing to serious, cute and fun. Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I had fun making it ! Hugs and Kisses -Ashlie.

Clothing and Item Credits !
Hair: Diva by Marisa Kira (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Skin: Rebel Gal by Sashafranke
Headpiece: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia
Bubblegum: Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena
Necklace: ISON by Harry Hyx (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Top: Gato by Lalu Bonetto (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Undershirt: Rebel Gal by Sashafranke
Gloves: Adam n Eve by Sachi Vixen
Bracelet and Ring: Yummy by Polyester Partridge (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Raygun: Silentsparrow by Hyasynth Tiramisu (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Pants: Milk Motion by Marie Lauriden (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)
Shoes: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Pose 1: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba
Pose 2: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba (FREEBIE)
Pose 3: a Pose I made for the Shot

Space Piggy's: Ohmai.x.MishMish by Anya Ohmai (NEW) (Collabor88 February 2014)


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