52 Weeks of Color Challenge. -Indigo

Hello Blog world! Sorry for my elongated break, but no need to worry because I'm back. I've been wanting to do this for a while now but haven't had the time. I'm talking about the 52 Weeks of Colors Challenge! When I first heard of this, I instantly fell in love with idea. I adore color, plus I thought this would give me a look at the varity of color in my inventory. I knew this won't be easy but I'm pretty sure I'm prepared for the tasks each week.

This week with the color indigo, I had to google the color's description. It described indigo as being a blue color with a touch of voilet. (which makes sense it being in between the two colors in the color spectum) So the first thing that i found in my inventory that was close to the color were my LMK leather gloves. Once I decided the glove were in, I figured it would look best with a dress. Then I remembered my Vive9 dress I bought a couple of days. It was bond to have indigo in it's various shades of blue.
Overall the outfit didn't take to long to come up with. It took a couple of days to come up with my look. I honestly thought it would take longer, but I'm satisfied with the end results. I can't wait to see what I can come up with next week. Taupe is going to be a challenge color of me because i dont think i have many brownish grey items. But I'll be able to do it. *fingers crossed* till next time guys...Hug&Kisses -Ashlie.

Clothing Creds
Skin: Vive9 -Abbey
Hair: Maitreya -Alex
Necklace: Mood -Inspire Pearl
Gloves: LMK -Leather gloves
Dress: Vive9 -Levels of Bandage
Bag: Wasted Youth -Qulted black leather bag
Shoes: Pixel Mode -Baby T's
Pose: Glitterati -Vendors 5


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