Hello Guys ! I was supposed to blog this yesterday but never got the chance, sorry. Anyways, as you know (or if you don't know) Rowne opened to the public yesterday and I'm so excited it did. The flagship store is really great and well made just like the clothing. I wouldn't expect anything less from the brand. If you are interest in taking a look for yourself, here is the Landmark ! Also If you're worried about not getting a fix of House of Fox before it closed, I have GREAT news for you. House of Fox is having one last sales' bonanza! Items from that brand will be heavily discounted until July 1st. So get it while you can and at a fantastic price. LM ! I also have some exciting news about LaGyo. Gyoryna Larnia has released her Summer collection and it was really worth the wait. The theme is Nymphs and it touches upon 5 diffferent spirit maidens. This collection is beautiful and unique in its on desirable way. I wonder which maiden spirit you'll end up liking. LM ! Hugs&Kisses !

Clothing Credits !
Hair: Faenzo by Faenzo
Head/Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio (MP)
Crown: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Mask: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Jacket: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander (NEW)
Skirt: Rowne by Fashionboi Lander (NEW)
Shoes: House of Fox by Fashionboi Lander
Pose: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba

Chair: Apple Fall by warehousefifteendesigns


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