Avenue Fashion Week Trending - Ball gown Like Skirts.

Clothing Creds
Look One
Hair: Vive9 by Sanya Bilavio (OLD)
Skin: TSG by Eilfie Sugarplum (NEW)
Lipstick: Mother Goose's by Milok Hermit
Headpiece: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia 
Necklace: Glow by Anemysk Karu (NEW) (Designers United 5)
Top: Emery by Sunami Beck (NEW)
Bag: Milk Motion by Marie Lauridsen (NEW) (Designers United 5)
Skirt: Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse (NEW) (Avenue Fashion Week)
Pose 1: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba 
Pose 2: Dream Print by Ashlie Coba (NEW) (Freebie)

Clothing Creds
Look Two
Hair: Iren by Irischka Hotshot
Skin: Vive Nine by Sanya Bilavio
Headpiece: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia
Necklace: Glow by Anemysk Karu (NEW) (Designers United 5)
Top: House of  Fox by Fashionboi Landar (NEW) (Designers United 5)
Bunny: !Ohmai by Anya Ohmai (NEW) (Designer United 5)
Bunny's Crown: Burley by Bella Earst
Bracelet: Glow by Jocelyn Anatine
Skirt: Ariskea by Diaxm (NEW) (Avenue Fashion Week)
Pose 1 and 2: Marukin by Valencia Southard

Blogger's Note: I didn't even know that the bunny blinked until this shoot. SO CUTE ! I love this bunny even more !


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